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The moving day has come! You are more than happy to be shipped away, and you are looking forward to moving to your new home in a beautiful area. All those green areas are waiting for you and also those beautiful playgrounds for the little ones. Everything sounds just amazing, and you are more than excited to be relocated to a chosen place.

Nonetheless, you need to be careful and think wisely before you act. If you have chosen a local moving company and you are ready to be shipped away, there are some things that you need to pay attention to in case something unplanned happens – the protection of your household goods. How will you file a claim if something terrible happens? There is nothing that you need to worry about because you have West San Jose Moving Insurance.

We have been in the insurance business for some time now, and we want to show you the best way to make this relocation as pleasant as possible. Therefore, if something unplanned happens and you need to file a claim West San Jose Moving Insurance will provide you with some useful tips:

Moving day – Your movers will prepare a list of the inventory with the quantity and condition of your goods. You need to be in agreement with this inventory. In case something happens, you will be able to file a claim and have all the documents ready.

After the delivery – Make sure you have double checked everything. If you see that something is missing from your household goods, you need to make a note on that. If you have an option to record what happened, do it. Pictures and videos are an excellent proof, and the more you have, the stronger you claim will be.

Reach out to the moving company

Once you have all the relevant proof, you can file a claim. The way to do this is to reach to your moving company and speak with the agent. You cannot deal with movers; reach to the moving company directly. They are your goal. Even though local companies have many years in the relocation business, accidents can happen and they usually want to avoid the responsibility for those. What you need to do:

Call the company and tell them you need to file a claim.

Save all the damaged goods as they will be checked. In no way can you dispose of them or throw anything away

Confirm the claim process with your moving company and do not eliminate anything before you get what you deserve

Once your claim is submitted, you can expect a response within a week or less from the time you file your claim, at least confirming receipt of your claim

Wait for the reply

As you can see, there are a couple of stages of the claim process, and you need to be patient. Keep an eye on everything you have and hope for the best. If you have some additional questions or you need insurance assistance, reach out to West San Jose Moving Insurance. We will be more than happy to assist you in everything!


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