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What is full-value coverage Glendale Moving Insurance

If you’ve made plans for your relocation, you’ve probably thought about getting moving insurance. If you are moving from Glendale, we suggest you get Glendale moving insurance, in order to be on the safe side. We at eMove Insurance highly recommend getting full-value coverage. This type of Glendale moving insurance will cover relocations that are either state to state, city to city or any other types of moving. Knowing that your household goods are insured with our full-value coverage policy will give you a piece of mind and you will have time to deal with other important errands when it comes to the relocation process.

How does it work?

Let’s you have a piece of furniture that you’ve paid $500 10 years ago. When you are applying for our Glendale moving insurance, you will have to list that item as when you bought it, and that would be $500. If an unexpected event occurs, and your household goods are destroyed during the relocation, you will recieve the amount of money you put on the list. All of your items and household goods you wish to be moved have to be specifically prices and declared. If you do not specify and declare the prices, your Glendale moving insurance will be denied.

Why get full value coverage?

People move all the time and you can often hear about someone’s household goods being damaged during the shipping process. Even the most experienced movers cannot guarantee the complete safety of your items. If you opt for our Glendale moving insurance full-value coverage, you will not have to worry about losing your money. If you’ve placed the item on the list, you will have coverage for that item.

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