Policy Exclusions


1. Damage including but not limited to, rust and warping. Damages caused by climactic conditions. Spoilage or change in food or beverage of any kind.

2. Loss or damage cause by normal wear and tear, wrinkling of clothing, worn shoes, purses, hand bags accessories and the like, discoloration of leather, infestation of vermin, moths, and insects of any type or inherent vice. Loss or damage attributable to fumigation or contamination of the shipment from any cause.

3. Jewelry, furs, cash, currency, bank notes, stocks, bonds, stamp and/or coin collections or any negotiable document.

4. Collections and/or collectibles defined as but not limited to baseball cards, sports memorabilia, collectible toys, etc. are only insured if specifically declared, separately valued and appraised prior to shipment. Limited to maximum of 10% of the shipment value. Artwork and Antiques individually valued over $10,000 USD must be appraised by a professional appraisal firm or have a commercial invoice prior to shipping and must be approved by Unirisc, Inc.

5. Missing and/or damaged items from within containers which were not packed by the current Household Goods Moving Company, unless loss/damage is caused by a direct result of fire, sinking, overturn, collision or theft of the transporting conveyance.

6. Loss and/or damage of any type to an automobile or motorcycle while being driven under its own power except for the purpose of loading and unloading.

7. Non-factory installed accessories and/or removable items on automobiles, motorcycles and boats unless specifically and individually declared and valued for insurance. Tools, batteries, extra tires, antennas, air bags and/or personal property shipped in automobiles, motorcycles and boats are not insured.

8. Scratching, denting, chipping or marring of automobiles, motorcycles and boats over 5 years old. Scratching, denting, chipping or marring of automobiles, motorcycles and boats under 5 years old unless the shipper and the owner both agree to sign a “Condition Inspection Report” or similar document portraying the condition at origin and again at destination, noting all defects, if any. This policy excludes any coverage for recreational vehicles.

9. Calibration and/or tuning of any item, machine, device or equipment.

10. Acts of government officials and customs authorities, including confiscation. Consequential losses due to delay are not covered.

11. Data contained on hard disks, diskettes, cassettes, video tapes, CD’s, etc. Company’s liability is limited to the cost of hardware only, except as may be excluded elsewhere in this certificate.

12. Depreciation in market or appraised value of any item. Underwriter’s liability hereon is governed by the “Repair and Replacement Clause” found in this certificate.

13. Loss or damage of personal and/or professional papers/documents of any kind, including but not limited to dissertations, tax returns, medical and employment records; items have that have no market value (such as but not limited to photographs, family albums and pictures, sentimental items, newspaper clippings, etc.).

14. Non delivery of a shipping package if the delivery receipt shows that all packages were delivered to the final destination.

15. Items not listed in the inventory prepared at origin. Items not shipped are not insured.

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