Why Purchase Move Insurance

1. Move Insurance is Easy to Secure!
Our move insurance process couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in your move details, assign a value your items, and complete your check out! Most policies are approved right away and you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment. Within 1 business day you’ll receive the insurance certificate in your inbox.

2. Accidents Happen
Even with the most skilled moving team and utmost care, accidents happen and some items simply don’t move well. You may be thinking “I’m paying a lot of money, they better not break anything!” The shear amount of variables of moving make it impossible to guarantee nothing will go wrong.

Have you ever dropped a dish by accident in your very own kitchen?

Have you ever hit a pot-hole on a poorly maintained road that made your teeth chatter?

Have you ever stubbed your toe on a piece of furniture you’ve walked past a thousand times?

These are a few examples of everyday occurrences that can easily show up on moving day.

3. Affordable Peace of Mind
Among the many details of moving, why risk your sanity if something goes wrong? Our coverage costs an average of between 1%-2% of your belongings. Insuring your move will mitigate any unexpected scenarios throughout your move and assist in your transition to your new location.

Moving Last Minute? No Problem...

We Can Approve Your Policy in 1 business day!