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The difference between release value and full value protection – West Philadelphia Moving Insurance

How long have you been thinking about moving to a new home? People move all the time. You would be surprised to see how often they do it. In order to relocate safely, you need the services of a professional moving company and the rest is a lot easier. Is it or that’s just the way you think it is supposed to be? Even with the help of a professional moving company, you still need the services of an insurance company which will make sure that all your household goods have a real value attached to them. One such company which has been in the insurance business is West Philadelphia Moving Insurance. That’s right! These guys know their job, and without a doubt, they will provide a safe and real value on your household goods.

Since we have been in the moving insurance business for so many years, we came to learn a lot about our customers and offer the best possible service we can. To help you understand moving insurance better, you need to understand the difference between release value and full value protection and that is what West Philadelphia Moving Insurance wants to help you figure out. If you are a moving beginner and all of this sounds like sci-fi to you, relax, West Philadelphia Moving Insurance has you covered.

Released Value

When it comes to this insurance option, you want like what you are about to hear. By using this option, movers will put an approximate value on your household goods and not their actual worth. By using this option, the protection you get is minimal. What does sound appealing for this service is its cost. Release value protection is usually a lot cheaper than the full value option. Nonetheless, double think if you are sure that your household goods can go on a relocation journey with some or almost no protection.

Full Value Protection

On the other hand, you can opt for full value protection. Even though this insurance service costs more, the results are far better. By purchasing it, your household goods will have the right value attached to them and not the one supposed by the moving team. If this is something you find appropriate, we suggest you check our full value coverage and discover all the benefits of using it. If there is something unclear, feel free to reach us out. We made things as simple as possible, and the overall insurance procedure can be managed in just a couple of steps. Check out both options and choose only the best for your household goods.

If you want to check our insurance policy in detail, feel free to visit our website where you can find some detailed information. To learn more on the difference between these two insurance options check the following webpage

Anything you need, feel free to reach our insurance team. We will be glad to help you out along the way! West Philadelphia Moving Insurance is waiting for your call!

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