Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase moving insurance?

Complete your request online, or download our inventory sheet on the home page of our website. Once you’ve downloaded and completed the inventory sheet, simply email us that information and we’ll send a payment link via e-mail to complete your policy.

What type of moving insurance do you provide?

We offer full-replacement moving insurance. The claim settlement will be the lesser of repair costs, replacement costs, or the amount as shown on the itemized and valued inventory. Underwriters will not pay more than 50% of the items’ value for repairs.

For example, if you valued your shipment at $10,000 and the actual value is $20,000, the policy will only cover 50% of the value.

How is replacement value determined?

Replacement value is determined by the policyholder, as the amount required to replace your damaged item(s). This method of valuation typically benefits you, the insured, in that your “old property” is replaced with “new property” without depreciating the item’s value.

What is Co-Insurance?

The value of the items declared determines the premium. In the event of a claim, if 100% of the value of your shipment is not declared, you’re required to pay co-insurance for the difference in value.

If I change or cancel my move date am I refunded my premium?

Changing your move date does not affect your insurance policy. However, we require notification of any changes to your move, as your insurance certificate must accurately reflect the details of your relocation in order to be valid.

If my belongings are damaged and I file a claim, is there a deductible on my behalf?

A $500 deductible is required to validate your claim. This is to ensure proper care and precaution is taken from everyone involved in your relocation.

How do I know my policy has been issued?

You’ll receive your insurance certificate via e-mail, typically within 1 business day.

What is an insurance certificate?

An insurance certificate is your proof of insurance, and the official document used as your basis for filing your claim. It includes your relocation details as well as the underwriter’s conditions of insurance.

How soon do I need to purchase my policy before my move?

We require completion of your moving insurance request 1 business day before your move begins. This allows processing time for us to secure your certificate from the underwriter before the relocation begins. If your move has begun and not insured ahead of time, any and all claims are invalid.

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