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How do I file a claim?

Please notify us via e-mail and we’ll respond with the instructions.

If my belongings are damaged and I file a claim, is there a deductible on my behalf?

Yes. A deductible is required to validate your claim. This helps ensure proper care and precaution is taken from everyone involved in the relocation.

How long does it take to settle my claim?

While there are no guarantees for any types of insurance claims, the start-to-finish goal is under 30 days.

Do I have to provide receipts to verify my items’ worth?

No. You’re not required to provide receipts showing the value of your items. The claims adjuster will reference your declared value, along with other factors to determine the value of your claim. Should any discrepancies arise during your claim, any receipts you can produce will assist in determining the most accurate amount settled.

Do I have to provide picture of any damages?

No. You’re not required to provide pictures unless the claims adjuster deems necessary. You will need signed delivery paperwork noting any damages, so please retain any and all paperwork possible throughout your move.

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