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A guide to filing a damage claim – Northeast Philadelphia Moving Insurance

After so many years of thinking you finally decided to relocate to a new area. You needed a new environment and different people, and that’s what you got. Nonetheless, all of this would not be possible without the service of a professional moving company. Moving away is challenging, even if you are going just a couple o miles further from your current home – it does not make a difference to you when you see your beloved household goods packed in moving boxes and shipped away. All of this is normal, and you feel the same as most people. What worries you most is how to deal with moving insurance once the relocation is finished and you have some unfortunate events on the road. Some of the household goods are damaged, some even destroyed and you are completely lost. Let Northeast Philadelphia Moving Insurance company help you out.

If you happen to be in such a scenario, make sure you arrange the following:

✓ Record the damage – The best you can do is make some photos and have a viable proof that your household goods were damaged by someone else’s fault. If you can make a video, that would be even better. Make sure you capture everything in detail. This fill be a crucial step in determining who did what. Some customers find it better to make photos of the household goods even before they embark on a relocation journey. In that way you can compare and see what results you get!

✓ Have the contract ready – Before you begin the relocation journey, make sure you have all the documents with you. Once you arrange the services of a moving company, double check if you have the contract and everything you need and that can be a proof in case something happens. Any kind of validation or signed documentation can be an excellent proof in filing a damage claim. Make sure you keep an eye of the documents you have. They are of utmost importance to you

✓ Find all your bills – find the insurance bills and read through the compensation you are about to get. We suggest you do this before you even sign the contract. You need to get familiar with the pros and cons of the paper you are about to sign.

✓ File the claim – Many moving companies offer online form where you can submit all your documents and everything that you have recorded so far. To have a strong claim which cannot be denied, provide all your evidence and all the documents you have got and file a proper damage claim.

Just remember, the more, the better. Provide all the evidence you have got! To learn more about the damage claims, make sure you check some of the useful sites:

✓ The Jacobslaw
✓ Relocation

If you have some additional questions, feel free to reach us Northeast Philadelphia Moving Insurance. Our insurance team will help you out right away!

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