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What is Insurance?

When you buy insurance, you give a certain amount of money to someone who can guarantee that you will be compensated on case something happens to you items and in case the items get damaged or destroyed. The insurer is obligated to provide coverage in case of any damage. The same process applies for moving insurance and Brooklyn Moving Insurance. eMove Insurance will take charge in case something happens to your household possessions during the shipping process.

Do I Need Coverage Over my Items?

That entirely depends on the risk you are willing to take. If you do not want your household possessions to have coverage in case something unexpected happens during the shipping process, you are free to do so. It goes without saying that it is highly recommended that you have coverage for all of your items that are being shipped since it is much less expensive to pay for Brooklyn moving insurance than to buy your items all over again.

Does the Mover Have to Provide Moving Insurance?

Moving companies do not have the obligation to provide moving insurance. Their job is to help you with the moving process. If you want your household items to be insured, you need to contact a Brooklyn moving insurance company to help you out.

How to Decide on the Perfect Insurance Company?

Make sure you figure out what kind of coverage you best suit your relocation and see what moving insurance companies have to offer. Contact the most reliable moving insurance companies and see what they have to offer. You can visit our website and see what eMove insurance has to offer and if you like what you see.

What is a “High Value” Item?

These items usually have the replacement cost of over $1,000. In the case of some other companies, the replacement cost needs to go over $500. These are the items you will want to have coverage.

How much will Insurance cost?

Rates usually differ from company to company. The price also depends on the type of coverage you wish to apply for. Depending on the value of the household goods you are transporting and the deductible level you pick, the insurance company will set you up with a budget. The distance of the move can be a factor also, so make sure you contact eMove Insurance to find out more.

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Make sure you visit our FAQ section and read about more frequently asked questions about moving insurance.

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