Becoming an affiliate with eMove Insurance and earning referral fees

Thinking of becoming an eMove Insurance affiliate? It’s never been easier to join, and the best part is that it’s completely free. Our affiliate program is open to any moving company professionals for referral fees. It is also open to brokers and insurance agents on a commission basis. Joining is fast and easy - simply fill out the application form in a couple of minutes and you’re done! You will be notified once your request is approved and you’ll receive an account portal, along with a tracked link you can share with your customers.

This link can be implemented on your company’s website, but you can also email it to your customers. If you’d like to help your customers get insurance, simply click on the link yourself. By clicking on the link, you and your customers will be able to see claims and the status of the claims. You’ll also be able to see the referral fee payment status in real time, at all times. So, you might be wondering how much can you earn from this program, or how it precisely works. Let’s break down some of the most frequently asked questions!

How can I join this affiliate program? You might be wondering how to become an eMove Insurance affiliate. The answer is simple - it’s never been easier to join! It only takes a couple of minutes, and the best part is that it’s completely free. Simply click the join button and fill out the application form. The application form will ask for some basic info about your company and the Tax ID. Once you’ve submitted your request, we will quickly run a background check of your business in order to approve the request. Once that’s done, you will receive all of your login details, along with your tracked links that you will be able to begin using right away.

How much can I earn from this? There are two ways of earning referral fees, depending on whether you’re a moving company owner, or an insurance agent/broker. If you’re an insurance agent or a broken, you earn referral fees based on a percentage of the premium. If you’re a moving company owner, you earn a referral fee for each certificate (based upon bedroom count). You might be wondering if there are any limitations to these referral fees, and the answer is - no! This means that the more certificates you refer, the more you can earn in referral fees. At the end of each month, you will receive a check with your referral fees.

How does this program exactly work? Once your request is approved and you’ve received a tracked link, you can add it to your website, email it to your clients, or help your client personally by clicking on the link yourself. It’s completely up to you! You receive credit for a certificate each time your affiliate link is clicked and someone creates a certificate. It’s as simple and easy as that!

What are you waiting for? Join our affiliate program today and start earning referral fees right away! For any further questions or concerns, reach out to our support team right away. We’ll be at your disposal for any additional information that you might need.

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